I know a lot of us are ready for a fresh start, so now is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe for this new season. That said, things are still not completely back to normal which makes it a bit more challenging than before.

So how to refresh your wardrobe without blowing your budget or stressing yourself out? It’s easier than you might think with these 5 easy steps.

1. Refresh Your Wardrobe – Start With Your Closet

This is the perfect opportunity to clear out and shop your closet. If you are anything like me, you’ve been wearing many of your clothes on repeat over the last few months. I’ve reached for my favourite tops and comfortable trousers or jeans again and again, but lots of other things have hung in the closet untouched. I had actually forgotten about some of them!

Pull everything out of your closet so you can see what you have. If that is impractical, go through hanger by hanger and look at what you’ve got. Organise items of clothing  by type or colour, or a little bit of both. Do what works for you so that you can really see what is in there.

2. Assess Your Lifestyle

How has your lifestyle changed since lockdown, and is it changing again now we are moving forward again?

If you work outside the home, are you going back to an office, or are you working from home for a few months to come?
Have you been able to start socialising again? If so, are most of these meetings taking place indoors or outdoors? A lot of people in the UK are meeting outside in their gardens or in parks instead of inside.
Are you comfortable going to restaurants and cafes?
What is the weather like this time of year where you are, and is it likely to change substantially over the next few weeks/months?
Have you begun travelling again or are you planning to wait for a while?

For example, I’m not travelling as much as I used to just now, but I will be doing a few short trips in a week or so. As a writer I have always worked from home, but at the moment most of our socialising is taking place outside. We are having some very warm weather now, but over the next month or so it will begin to cool down. I’m not comfortable going to a cafe or restaurant just yet, but I am sure I will be soon.

3. Create Some “New” Outfits To Help You Decide What You Need

Bearing your answers to all those questions in mind, take some time to put together a few outfits from your closet to refresh your wardrobe. Do you have everything you need or are there things missing?

Make a note of anything you need to refresh your wardrobe up to date. Do you need a new coat, or perhaps some more sweaters? Will you need a skirt or dress for any upcoming events? Do you need some new trousers that will work for both casual and more formal occasions? Have you got the right shoes and boots for the season? Write it all down.

Now make a note of the things you might like to add to your wardrobe. Have you seen a new top you’d absolutely love to wear with your favourite jeans? Is there a fabulous new scarf you have been coveting? Write this all down too.

For example, I’m going to need functional separates and layers, especially for when I’m socialising with friends outside. These pieces will also be useful for short trips away.

I would like the pale blue leather jacket I spotted online the other day, and there’s a pretty scarf that I know would work well with a lot of the pieces I already have.

4. Keep Your Budget In Mind

Now look at your list or wants and needs and think about your budget. Lots of retailers are marking things down, and even some higher end items are less expensive than they used to be. So, if you are in a stable financial position, this may be the time for investment purchases. However, if that is not the case, this may be the time to shop your closet as much as possible and only focus on what you truly need. Pre-loved fashion is another option to make the things you need or want more affordable.

5. Go Shopping

Whether you go shopping to refresh your wardrobe in store or online, decide what shops you are going to visit and stick to your list. Go slowly and only buy things that really work well with the other pieces already in your wardrobe. As Sarah of Absolutely Fabulous Image says “Your clothes have to work hard to earn a place in your wardrobe.”

If you are struggling to refresh your wardrobe, you may want to get some professional help from a stylist. Many stylists are doing online consultations and socially distanced shopping at the moment. Their fees are often more reasonable than you would expect and in my opinion it is money well spent. Since I started working with Sarah I no longer buy things I don’t need or that will hang in the closet unworn.

Face The New Season With Confidence

Refresh your wardrobe with these 5 simple steps and you can face the new season with confidence – whether you are talking about meteorological seasons or this very unique season in our lives!

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