7 Tips to Brighten the Look of Your Cozy Outdoor Space

A well-designed outdoor space can be as inviting and comfortable as a cozy living room. Whether it is a small balcony or an expansive garden, simple transformations can turn it into a warm retreat that’s big on style.

Compact landscape designs, vertical gardens, and minimalistic dining nooks can change the mundane look of your backyard or patio to a luxurious outdoor space enveloped in fresh air.

Here are a few tips to expand your home’s footprint in the simplest ways.
Choose Compact and Bright Furniture
Overcrowding the outdoor space with furniture may leave it looking cluttered. Instead, organize furniture, leaving enough legroom to move around. 

Arrange a compact dining table with chairs or a small sofa to occupy one part of the outdoor space. You can also opt for bright colored furniture that will help to add life to the entire outdoor look.

A few small-sized chairs and a table, like a bistro set, will not only increase space for utilization, but also make the area look larger.
Include Outdoor Drapes
Outdoor curtains, blinds, and patio shades improve the appeal of the outdoor space along with providing privacy and protection from sunlight.

Outdoor curtains offer a flowing and elegant look to your space. They move with the breeze and let the sunlight in. They do not provide much shade but create a dappled effect. The best way to hang a curtain is by using a curtain rod or bamboo sticks that can add an urban, yet rustic look to the outdoor space.

Patio shades are made of thick breathable material and can completely block sunlight from entering the space. They provide shade and privacy when needed. They can be hung over the patio like an awning or a patio sail.
Brighten-Up with String Lights or Lanterns
String lights will illuminate your patio and brighten up your outdoor gatherings. Decorating the whole place with different types of lights can be great for a fun evening. Try adding dimension and style with paper lanterns, decorative metal lights, battery-powered chandeliers, or mason lights.
Install a Pergola
Installing a pergola is a great way to beautify your outdoor space. A shallow pergola can bring both, charm and style without occupying much space while transforming your regular backyard to a private getaway. 

Pergolas are available in varieties of sloping roofs and brick bases. A pergola looks best when it matches the landscape and structure for cohesiveness. It can either be used to connect spaces or simply cover an outdoor dining or cooking area. 
Hang a Hammock
Lying back and breathing fresh air with the breeze rocking you to sleep can be wonderful. Fix a hammock in your patio for a similar retreat. 

If you do not have a place to tie the traditional hammock, you can buy a garden hammock that comes with a stand. Just place it in your desired spot and enjoy it.

This multi-colored garden hammock can be placed anywhere in your outdoor space to help you enjoy your day.

If you are looking to enjoy with your friends and family, a triple hammock stand will be the best fit. Bed-sized hammocks that will fit gardens and patios are also available for extra comfort and coziness.
Punctuate with a Fire Pit
A fire pit can add a lot of ambience and lifestyle element to an outdoor space. You can also transform an outdoor fire pit into a proper outdoor fireplace with a seating and dining area to complete the look.  

Just as you maintain indoor fireplaces, you can call for a local professional to regularly inspect your outdoor fireplace. For example, if you were to organize a party on a cold evening in Seattle, you can seek help from the a local company to check the fireplace for repairs.
Cultivate a Hanging Garden
Outdoor spaces have a close bond with nature. You can motivate this feel by cultivating a hanging garden that includes herbs, climbers, and plants.

A tin-can fence garden can look adorable on your outdoor wall. You can try painting these cans in bright colors to coordinate with your furniture and wall paint. 

A plant hanger can handle your heavier greens. You can place pots with flowering plants or have climbers around these hangers. 

If you have a small outdoor space, you can try assembling a vertical garden that facilitates many planted pots without occupying much space.

A well-groomed outdoor space can bring life to your home in style. Such extended outdoor spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also positively stimulating. The above-mentioned tips will help you create and enliven your outdoor space, making it comfortable and close to nature. 

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