8 Tips For Storing Exercise Equipment

Over the years, I have found that I struggle with going to the gym or exercise class. It just ends up being more of a hassle so I make excuses for not going. It is a massive snowball effect where I just cant get in the habit of finding the right timing to get to the gym and workout and still have time to do the things I have to do for the day.

What I have started doing is working out from home. And it has been really helpful because I can do a quick workout on my schedule. And I found that when I have a quick workout, like 15 minutes, I actually do it daily!! But storing all that equipment around your home can be tricky too. You dont want the workout equipment to take over your whole space but you still want to have it accessible. So I am sharing my top 8 tips for storing exercise equipment around your home.

8 Tips For Storing Exercise Equipment

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1. Get Flexible Equipment

My biggest thing when it comes to storing exercise equipment is to get equipment that can be folded up or moved easily first! I know the rowing machine looks great, but if you cant fold it up and you dont have a designated gym or room, where is it going to live??

I am obsessed with my bellicon rebounder. The legs fold in so I can store it behind furniture, doors, or under my bed! This makes it easy to store and take out because I just have to pop up the legs and I can start my workout quickly. My rebounder is 49 with black bungees and fold in legs.

2. Use Wall And Ceiling Space

Both ceiling and wall space can be underutilized when storing exercise equipment. I love hanging bikes from the ceiling as it takes up less space on the floor. Using wall mounts you can store yoga mats or the bar that goes along with the bellicon!

You can also use wall space to store your yoga balls. Simply get a stuffed animal holder and mount it to the wall. Place your yoga ball in the holder and BOOM! Yoga ball isnt rolling all over the floor any more!

3. Behind The Door

I love storing things behind doors. Simply add an over-the-door hanger to hold your yoga mats or flex bands. This way they wont get all messed up and tangled in a basket or drawer.

4. Baskets Are Your Friend When Storing Exercise Equipment

And since we are speaking of baskets, they do make good storage solutions if over-the-door or wall mounting items isnt an option. Baskets can help keep things contained. Use stacking bins for smaller items like workout bands, bungees, or weights. Use larger baskets for yoga mats.

5. Furniture That Is Multi-Purpose

Sometimes you dont have the option to use wall space or floor space, so that is when you get to be creative with your furniture. Pieces that act as an ottoman and storage are perfect for this.I usually store a basket for bungees and bands on one side of the ottoman and weights on the other. The baskets help act as a divider for the ottoman so things dont get lost. This is key to keeping the storage ottoman organized.

6. Divide The Space

If you do have workout equipment that isnt easy to move, then try dividing the space using room dividers or set up furniture to divide the space. We have placed the couch in a strategic space in our basement to hide exercise equipment. So when you look down into the basement you cant see anything.

This is best to do when the room is more open. For one client, we used IKEA Kallax shelves to create a room divider and act as toy storage for the kids. Just make sure to mount the shelves. We mounted one side to one wall. Then the two shelving units together. Then the last one was mounted to a pole.

7. Use Every Inch

If you are limited on space, try utilizing unusable space. What I mean by this is to use the space that could be in front of your workout equipment. Lets say you have a tread mill. In front of that tread mill you can put shelving to store weights and bungee cords.

Most people dont use that space because they see it as unusable. But it can be really great storage for things!

8. Sometimes Function Beats Beauty When Storing Exercise Equipment

Then there are times when you just have to store the exercise equipment where people can see it because you have to use it. I am all about keeping your home feeling and looking beautiful, but there are times when I am all about putting practical first.

For me, my bellicon is in my office. And when you look down the stairs from the kitchen you can see my rebounder. But, since I use it daily, it is just easier to keep it out during the week. I do put it away when the kids are around so they dont go nuts jumping on it though!!

rolling bellicon rebounder to use in basement

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When it comes to storing exercise equipment, before you buy, try to find flexible equipment. Use the wall and ceiling space to store extra items, along with using space behind the door. If walls and door arent options, or you have things that are bigger, store in baskets. Use furniture that can be multi-purpose and can act as storage. Divide the space so you can have designated areas, even when it is an open space. Use every inch of space you have. Even if you think it is unusable. And remember that sometimes function beats making your space totally perfect. Sometimes you just have to make it work so you will actually work out!

My Favorite Products For Storing Exercise Equipment

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