9 MORE Clever Bra Hacks You’ll Want To Know About Immediately

Last summer, I wrote this post sharing 9 of my favorite “bra hacks,” a collection of essential tips and tricks about wearing and caring for the undergarment we love to hate. (Or do we hate to love them? Either way, it’s a complicated relationship!)

And today, I have a brand new batch of bra hacks to share with you! From bra strap solutions to useful travel tips, these helpful hacks are sure to come in handy as you navigate the everyday realities of wearing a bra!

9 MORE Bra Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

1. Covert Clips

With certain tops and dresses, you may think you need a different type of bra if you don’t want the straps to show. But your current bra may have versatility built right in!

Many bras have a hook on the back of one strap and a loop on the other. Simply attach the hook to the loop to convert your straps to a racerback-style configuration, then loosen the straps until it fits comfortably!

2. Find The Right Fit

Your bra is a staple part of your wardrobe, so it’s important to wear one that fits correctly! I recently went to a local bra fit expert named Courtney for a fitting, and the bras she recommended are so much more supportive and comfortable than the ill-fitting ones I had been wearing!

Check out the post I wrote about that bra fitting experience to learn everything you need to know about finding the right fit!

3. Secure Your Straps

Tired of your bra straps slipping off your shoulder? Or maybe you wish your shirt would stay put so your straps stay covered? Either way, a couple of pieces of fashion tape can help!

Fashion tape is essentially a double-sided tape, and it really comes in handy for securing bra straps or shirts in place. Place it under the strap to keep it in place, or over the strap to keep your strap and shirt in place!

4. Prevent Crushed Cups

When you’re packing for a trip, bunch up a few socks or a pair of underwear and place them inside the cups of your bras. This will help the bra keep its shape inside your luggage so that it doesn’t get crushed.

5. Stop Sliding Straps

What good are bra strap adjustors that have lost their ability to stay where you want them? Luckily, there’s a simple fix that doesn’t require you to go out and get a new one!

These helpful strap clips are designed to hold the strap exactly where you want it. Problem solved!

6. Wash It Safely

As I explained in this blog post, hand washing is the safest way to clean your bras. (Especially the really nice ones that you paid good money for!)

But if you’d rather go the washing machine route, consider investing in a structured mesh washing bag with an internal frame. Zipping your bra into a bag like this will help protect it in the wash from getting tangled, crushed, or misshapen.

7. Build It In

Occasionally you end up buying a dress that just doesn’t play nicely with any of your bras. Strapless and backless dresses are particularly tricky to find the right bra for!

In cases like these, you may be better off building a bra into the dress, and it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Find an inexpensive strapless bra in your size, cut off the back part, then sew the front part to the inside of the dress with a few quick stitches.

It’s a quick and easy fix, and as an added bonus, it won’t ever move around on you! ;-)

8. Hang Them Up

Need to save space in a small closet? You can hang multiple bras from the same hanger by folding them over the bottom part of the hanger. In addition to being a space saver, this is also a good way to hang your clean bras up to dry!

9. Instant Coverage

While I know that fashion trends are cyclical, I never suspected that the dickey would make a resurgence! But it actually is, and one style in particular can solve a common outfit problem many women are familiar with!

Especially for those who are more “well-endowed,” many shirts may show off a bit more cleavage than you’re comfortable with. Simply attach this faux camisole to your bra straps and you’ve got instant cleavage coverage (and a cute layered look to boot!)

Do you have a brilliant bra-related tip to share?

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