Abana Bilbao Presents Their First Collection

Last month, at the Habitat Valencia Fair, Abana Bilbao released their first collection of furniture and household items. Based on slow design and launched by designers Lucas Abajo and Laxmi Nazabal, it’s the first Biscayan brand specializing in furniture worldwide. The seven-piece collection has a different, innovative, multicultural design style to it that makes each piece feel simple yet original.

“Our goal is to create everyday objects that inspire, make life more beautiful and easier, but at the same time create pleasant and unique environments. Also to bring product design of quality and values to everything the world, making design affordable,” explains Laxmi Nazabal, co-founder and art director of the project.

The Matiko Lamp is a pendant that’s 3D printed in red clay dyed black.

The Tetaza Mug subtly reminds us where milk comes from.

The Fika Hanger features simple lines with an elegant result, made in solid beech wood.

The Balea Auxiliary Table was inspired by whales arriving from the North Sea to the Basque coast. It is available in three different sizes, to use individually or as a set.

The Marzana Table, made of solid oak with a natural matte varnish finish, makes a great table for the whole family to gather around.

The Uribitarte Sideboard is a series of modular boxes made of solid oak that functions well as a television stand, sideboard, or office furniture.

The Reves Armchair is the flagship product of Abana Bilbao. Made from beech wood and fabric, it’s halfway between chair and armchair.

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