Ah, togetherness

Just the word calls to mind warm fuzzies. Unless that togetherness happens to be in the closet. Then togetherness can feel more like an invasion of personal space. It’s true that a shared closet situation can be trying, but it doesn’t have to be. With a custom-designed closet storage system from Tailored Living®, a shared closet can provide organization and put the “fun” back in functional, making even closet togetherness a good thing.

Turn your shared closet into welcome space with a custom closet organization system
The ultimate goal of a closet is to organize, safely store, and have everything accessible so getting dressed for work, school, parties, or play is an easy task. A shared closet can do that very well with individual storage for two, accommodating wardrobes and accessories, giving each user adequate space. If your shared closet isn’t doing its job, here are four steps that will take you to an efficient, shared closet that will bring peace on the home front. Step one:  Determine what needs to be in the closet For this step, a little humor helps. Walt Kelly, the creator of the “Pogo” comic strip, restyled a famous quote to become: “We have met the enemy, and they are us.” In closet-speak, this means that if you have unrealistic expectations of what can fit in the closet or are not willing to work together for a solution, it will definitely be harder to arrive at closet harmony. For the best result, it’s important to organize your closet as a team, taking into account the needs of each person and the capacity of the closet.

Two wardrobes can live happily ever after in one closet, custom-designed with each user’s needs in mind
Purge all excess from each wardrobe, including clothes, shoes, and accessories as well as eliminating anything that doesn’t belong in the closet. (Tennis racket, bike helmet, etc.) With a small closet, items like workout gear or a hat collection may be able to live elsewhere. Off-season clothes can be stored in a hall closet or the garage to free up more space. Step two:  Decide how the closet will be divided Once the contents are refined, space definition is required. If wardrobe sizes are similar, equal space will be an easy answer. But, if one person has a much larger wardrobe, some give-and-take or negotiations may be in order. Or, you can opt for commingled closet space, such as all long, full-length clothes in one section, pants on pant racks in another space, short blouses and shirts hung together, and one wall dedicated to all the shoes.

Obvious his-and-hers hanging space with shared drawers and shelves behind cabinet doors creates a beautiful, organized closet
In divided space, pinky swear not to trespass onto the other’s territory unless you ask. If one needs three-quarters of the closet, do a tradeoff by giving more dresser drawer space to the other. Consider efficiency; the more convenient it is to put away clothes, the easier it will be to keep your closet and bedroom neat. (Give the shorty the lowest drawers and racks.) With commingled space, a different color or style hanger for each will help with the organization. Check out: How To Choose A Clothes Hanger | Choosing The Right Hangers For Men’s Clothing. Step three: Create custom storage for what you have Wardrobe needs will drive your closet design, including enclosed cabinets, tiered hanging rods, open shelves, drawers, and shoe racks. Consider each person’s preferences for hanging or folded space and design accordingly. With Tailored Living, our design process ensures finding the best solutions for you, and our custom design software lets you see your closet in real-time 3D so you can see what the closet will look like. You can make adjustments and play “let’s try this” until it’s just right!

A custom closet storage system is tailored to exactly what you need to store in your closet and, with design software, there are no surprises
Your closet doesn’t have to be symmetrical; each side can be different. Incorporate any combination of cabinets, shelves, pull out bins, drawers, and hanging space for unique needs. Each person can configure their own space for what they need, more hanging space or more space for folded tees, sweaters, and jeans. Further customize with closet accessories like decorative hooks, tie and belt racks, valet rods, velvet-lined jewelry drawers, pant racks, shelf dividers, and laundry hampers. Step four: Give shoes and boots special attention If footwear is a big deal at your house, no closet may be able to contain the combined result of sandals, heels, flats, dress shoes, boots, and more! In that case, you may need to think outside the box (or closet) for additional storage to protect all your shoes and boots. For overflow footwear, an organized display in the bedroom could free up precious closet space for other items that absolutely need to be in the closet.

Creative storage can safely store all types of shoes and boots so they’re easy to find and ready to wear
A standing wardrobe, tall chest, or armoire can be converted into a shoe closet. Underbed storage is a good option for a collection of athletic shoes or sandals. Tall and short boots should always be stored without folding over the shaft, which can cause cracks and creases. There’s no reason a shared closet can’t be a positive experience! Maximizing every inch of space and tailoring the design to each user’s needs will start and end each day on a high note. Tailored Living can help calm closet chaos for all your family’s closets, including shared, walk-in, and reach-in closets. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. As whole-home organization specialists, we also offer innovative storage solutions for every area of your home from pantry design and laundry room organization to custom garage cabinets and garage flooring.
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