Capsule Transit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit

Capsule Transit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit

Sleeping in KLIA2 and gateway@klia2 is prohibited in most areas. You will be shooed by the security guards who patrol the area whole night.

What are your sleeping options at KLIA2?

However, there are some spots where you could sleep, depending on the length of your layover and your preference.

So, if you are on an extended layover be sure to book accommodation in advance.

Capsule Transit KLIA2 – Sleeping Options

There are lots of sleeping options available at the KLIA2 airport sleeping area. Now that you know this, you can put what away your worries.

  1. Missing the connecting flight
  2. Early morning flight
  3. Endless hours to kill in transit.

You could choose to sleep in the hotels inside the departure areas of klia2, outside the departure hall or stay at hotels located nearby and with 15km of the airport. Some of these have shuttle services available.

You will need to check if the shuttle is free and available at the time you want to leave for the airport.

Personally, I prefer to be as close as possible to the gate. I have sometimes stayed 30 mins from the airport but because of some traffic jams, you will be forced to run through the airport to check in my luggage and board my plane.

Klia2 is a big airport. It depends on where your gate is and how far you are.

Tips and advice for sleeping comfortably in the airport during flight delays, layovers and overnight sleepovers.

Klia and klia2 are two separate terminals of the same airport. You can move from klia to klia2 via KLIA Ekspres train which departs from level 2 of the gateway@klia2 mall.

The train journey takes approx. 3 minutes between the two terminals.

My stay was at the Capsule Transit KLIA2, where I was surprised with the restful sleep I enjoyed.

CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Check In is friendly and efficient. Photo: Doris Lim

Capsule Transit KLIA2, Level 1

Capsule Transit (Airport Transit Hotel) KLIA2 is the first minimalist capsule-style airport transit in Malaysia. The hotel (non-smoking) is located at the lower ground level of KLIA2 where AirAsia and other Low-Cost Carriers operate. So, if you arrive late in the night, it is easily accessible to you without going through the gateway@klia2 mall.

Designed for frequent flyers, transit passengers, travelers on early flights and backpackers on the go, it allows those who needed a place to rest or recharge before catching the next flight.

There are several packages available for different durations of stay from 6 hours, 9 hours and up to 12 hours.

CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Social Lounge. Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook

Capsule Transit KLIA2 is Perfect for Transit.

The hotel offers a unique experience of staying inside the capsule made of containers. For a single person in need of comfortable accommodation, this is a good option.  I was very tired from your previous flights and was sleeping badly on a hard bed at another Airbnb.

Sleeping int the Capsule Transit never sounded so good. You enjoy a few hours of shut-eye on a real comfy bed. The bed, pillows, and quilt are incredibly soft and pillowy.

Capsule Transit KLIA2 Review

This is a good place to sleep before your next flight. The place is quiet, and I had a very good rest.

I arrived at gateway@klia2 at 10.30 PM and have an early morning flight at 06.00 AM. So, I booked the hotel for 6 hours.

Check-in procedure is smooth, and simple as the officer explain everything about the rules and took a RM50 deposit (refundable).

They issued me a room key on a tag that I wear around my neck and a bag containing a bath towel and bottled water. The hotel (or capsule) is clean, efficient.

Man and women are separated into different areas, so you will have enjoyed your privacy. Each area has its own shared bathroom which is clean and functional.

There is a small social room available, but I guess every guest just wants to bed down and sleep.

I enjoy a good sleep, charge my gadgets, and listen to the pods. The internet speed is lighting fast and good for watching some movies before I dozed off.

I can sleep well and wake up fresh for next flight.

If you’re coming back in a few days, it is good to book ahead as the hotel is often fully booked when there are a lot of early morning flights.

CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook

Pro of sleeping at Capsule Transit KLIA 2

  • Sufficient space that fits one comfortably single size bed
  • 2 pillows with a fluffy duvet
  • Foldable desk with mirror
  • Individual ventilation
  • Privacy blind
  • In-room hanger
  • Personal locker/drawer
  • Personal reading light
  • Electric power socket
  • Amenity bag with a towel, dental kit, and slipper
  • Complimentary 500ml drinking water
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access
  • Hot and cold shower

You may choose from

  • Female Single Capsule (sleep 1)
  • Mixed Single Capsule (sleep 1)
  • Queen Capsule (sleep 2)
  • Private Capsule Suite (sleep 3).
CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook
CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook
CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook

Cons: if you are claustrophobic, you cannot stay in a single capsule. The small capsule is around 1 m x 1 m x 2.5 m by size.

Travel Tips:

  1. Manage your check-in/out time so you spend less money and still get a good sleep. When you reach at gateway@klia2 say at 10 PM and your next flight is 8 AM, you can check-in at 12 AM and take the 6-hour package which gives you enough time for good sleep, fresh morning, and time for a bath.
  1. You can opt for the room at the top if you are a light sleeper and will be less affected by people going up and down or walking around.
  1. Remember to return your towel and bag and take your deposit back when you check out.
CapsuleTransit KLIA2 Best Options for Sleeping on Transit
Good hot shower. Image: Capsule Transit KLIA2 Facebook

CapsuleTransit KLIA 2, Level 1
Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway, Terminal klia2, KL International Airport, Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia.