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He may be one of my bullies- but he’s also my secret boyfriend.  

Archie- We used to be friends, but that changed when we went to middle school. He became the most popular boy and I became a target. It didn’t help that I enjoyed choir more than sports. It didn’t matter that I stayed hidden in the closet.

But one day, he knocked on my window- just like the old days and I let him in. Everything changed that night between us. We were safe hidden away from the world, exploring all the mysteries of life. That was a year ago. Things have changed. I have changed, and I am not sure that our secret relationship can survive. I am tired of hiding who I am. What will that do to us? 

Hudson- I hate that being popular means so much to me. But as the quarterback and team captain of the football team, there are a ton of expectations set upon me. Not only from the school, my teammates and fans- but from my family. Being a preacher’s son makes being who I really am, even more difficult.

My life is lived in fear, and I have the ulcers to prove it. I love Archie and I need him more than he knows. Without him, this life would be dark and miserable. I wished I could be strong enough to do what he wishes. I want to hold his hand down the hallways and protect him from the others. I do. But life is never that simple. We’re seniors and we have a lot of decisions to make about the future. I just hope that we have one.

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Cat gives this one 5 Meows...

This book is YA coming out and very beautifully written. It is sweet and a touch sensual.

I adored Archie right from the beginning and felt sorry for him. At first, I didn’t care for Hudson but then I related to his dilemma. The story is pretty fast-paced and keeps you pulled in so you never get bored. I just couldn’t wait to see how their love story turned out.

If you like YA, coming out, bully/nerd, and a sweet holiday romance this is for you.


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