Christmas ~ Nail Polish Bottle Ornament

Does anyone else feel like Christmas will be here way too quick and over with way too quick? I feel like the clock is zipping by this year. I love Christmas time too.

Hubby's family arranged crafting weekends all month long, but all the crafts are items that go to the cemetery. I'm just getting depressed from them all, so I'll be staying home and focusing on positive, mood boosting, happy stuff. Not that I don't want to forget anyone, but it's been one long year and I'd rather move on and be happy as they'd want us to be.

Bad news has flowed into our lives again. My mother has to see a doctor at Cleveland clinic regarding heart issues. She's already had two surgeries, and one that is the most difficult and most serious to do. Not what we all wanted to hear, but thankful that she asked the doctor to do a check, otherwise would have gone undetected.

What do you think? Daughter wanted something cosmetologyrelated for her teachers. I just need to add the hanger and make one more. It was not fun crocheting the black yarn. It's been so dreary here and lighting is terrible even with light up hooks. I used Hubby's head lamp, ha ha!

I got one order for a headband/ear warmer, so that was finished up yesterday. I have to finish up a scarf for a gift next.

Our dreary weather is depressing me big time. I need to go sniff an orange. They say that works for that. We were all three discussing how rotten of a dark day it was yesterday. I don't remember winter being this dark.