DIY Felt Flower Mobile

My four little women love to look through Pinterest with me and choose crafts for us to do together. A few weeks ago, they chose a DIY felt flower mobile! The photo inspo they chose were a little advanced for little hands, so we simplified the DIY felt flower mobile to be a bit more kid-friendly. First, the girls cut out flowers and leaves from round felt pieces, layered each flower and topped them with a button! Mom handled the hot glue, and Dad helped with hanging the felt flower mobiles from the girls’ tents [linked here] using embroidery hoops and jute string. Y’all know I love decorating with embroidery hoops….see [HERE] and [HERE]! See below for a supply list and simple how to:

Supplies Needed:

Felt in flower and leaf colors
Assorted buttons
Embroidery hoop
Jute string
Hot glue gun

How To:

Build and hot glue the flowers in the following order bottom to top:
Jute string
Largest flower
Smaller flower
Repeat as many times as you’d like!

We ended up gluing multiple felt flowers onto the jute strings to add volume (and because the girls made SO MANY, ha!). I like the extra color and whimsy! Once you’ve completed the flowers, tie the top of the jute strings onto the embroidery hoop. Next, add another length of jute string to act as the hanger for the DIY felt flower mobile, and you’re ready to go!

There you have it! An easy, (mostly) kid-friendly DIY felt flower mobile for spring! The girls wanted to hang them on their tents which we got a few months ago for a Frozen 2 sleepover birthday party [HERE]! They’ve been sleeping in here on air mattresses for the duration of self-isolation season, and they love their sister sleepovers as they call them. 😉 Anything that helps make this season less weird, count me in. And also…twinkle lights never hurt! What do you think? Does this seem like a doable craft for you and your littles (or even just for you!)? For what other kinds of crafts could you use the felt flowers?


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