DIY | Pretty Fall Leaves Wreath

The Fall wreath I created two years ago popped up in my photos over the weekend and upon seeing it and remembering how much I loved it, I was inspired to create another one this year. 
I especially loved the simplicity of it and that's the vibe I'm trying to create on my front porch this year - with hopes of setting the stage for calm + cozy during a month that historically tends to be associated with chaos for our family. (three birthdays, Thanksgiving and prepping for Christmas makes for a crazy November). 
We, (Ella, myself, and a friend of hers), collected beautiful leaves together over the weekend and then yesterday I grabbed my glue gun and created this beauty.
The leaves were gorgeous on their own and I could've left the wreath alone. However, I  really wanted to add a softer element to it and remembered I had some leftover dried florals I had picked up at Fresh Market earlier this month.  I added the plumes and love how it turned out.

It's simple. It's natural. It's beautiful. And it does a fantastic job representing fall in all of its splendor.
I sure hope you'll try this fun, easy, pretty fall wreath.It took me longer to collect the leaves than it did to put it all together.

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MATERIAL NEEDED: 1 - grapevine wreath - here's one similar to mine       but don't shy away from local craft stores - take advantage of their 40 + 50% off coupons. 1 - glue gun w/glue sticks - similar to mine...simple + tiny Armful of Fall leaves - quantity really depends on the size of the your leaves + wreath Dried Fall Florals - I used something like this reed grass Ribbon, Twine, fishing line, or a wreath hanger - for hanging. I used THIS. 
INSTRUCTIONS Heat up your glue gun. Lay your grapevine wreath on a flat surface. Place larger leaves on wreath to determine placement before gluing.  Start hot gluing the leaves to the wreath. Use smaller leaves to fill in any gaps - securing with glue. Cut the reed grass stems until you've got maybe 1-2 inches of the stem to work with. Tuck dried florals into the wreath, stem side first, along the outside and inside of wreath. Use grapevines to continue tucking dried plumes into the wreath to your liking. No need for gluing if they are tucked well in the grapevines - and will allow you to reuse them. Use ribbon, twine, fishing line or a wreath hanger to display.
NOTES + TIPS 1. Face your leaves up, down, and sideways to create more character and dimension.
2. Be sure to allow some of the leaves to lay on the inner and outer sides of the wreath to add more    interest. 
3. Stand your wreath up (or better yet, hang it on something), after you've got most of the leaves glued on. This will provide you with a better view of what it will look like when it's actually hanging and will help with placement of the remaining leaves. 
4. When gathering leaves, don't shy away from the "imperfect" ones. The rips, holes, curls and discoloration adds to the authenticity of your fall wreath.

5. I used raw muslin to hang my wreath by using three flat tacks to secure it at the very top of my door. Tacks cannot be seen and door still closes. Yay!
6. Although it may have been easier to start with the dried fall florals since they are the largest element of the wreath, starting with the leaves allowed me to fill in where necessary and avoid getting hot glue on the dried florals I'm hoping to reuse. 
• • • • •

KEEPING IT REAL I was super busy with a Harry Potter Classroom transformation last week. (you can see it in my Instagram stories "HP Reveal" saved in my Insta highlights). 
So...I didn't get my Ranch Dressing or Taco Mix Recipes posted yet. Those are coming - and then so is the Chicken Ranch Tacos recipe! Although I'm seriously tempted to skip all of them and get straight to the pies! #pieismyfavorite #FallWreath #FallDecor #MAKEIT #FallLeaves #HomeDecor
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