Do all the Halloween decorations you’re encountering at local bars and shops, not to mention houses around the neighborhood, have you wondering how you can properly spook up your home for the scary season? Let skeletons and witches be the only thing...

1. Plastic prop pumpkins
If you’re not looking to invite all the squirrels in the neighborhood to your doorstep, bring the pumpkin party inside with plastic props. Those mid-sized pumpkins you see at bars and small storefronts in your area will be just as adorable (and affordable) on your coffee table or next to your TV. Bonus points if you get one that lights up – you can keep it in your window at night for all to see.
2. Fake spiderwebs
Nothing like the creepy crawlies to impart that Halloween scare, right? Fake spiderwebs won’t put a dent in your bank, but they will cover your home in an easily removable white mesh that visitors might think is the real deal for just a second. After that brief scare wears off, your guests will get a kick out of how much fake spiderweb is lining your kitchen wall. If you really want to go the full mile, stick a few plastic spiders in the webs.
3. Small skeletons
No, you don’t need a real set of human bones to properly celebrate Halloween. In fact, you don’t even need a life-sized model. A small plastic skeleton can look pretty cute (instead of just plain creepy) hanging out near the entryway between your kitchen and living room. You can even hang your tiny skeletons from a few doorknobs or handles around your apartment – hearing the jiggling of fake bones every time you open and close the door adds to the Halloween horror. And if you’re not on a budget and you have the room to store it year-round, a life-sized skeleton is always a top-notch spooky touch.
4. Homemade ghosts
You don’t even need to go to a Halloween store or party store to get ghostly! Take an old bedsheet you’re not using anymore (a white one works best, of course) and cut out holes for your ghost’s eyes and mouth, or color in a pair of eyes and a mouth with a permanent marker. Then, hang your bedsheet ghost somewhere in your apartment using a bulletin pin, hanger, or anything else that can support your ghost’s weight without damaging your home’s walls. The homemade touch will keep your ghost looking cute rather than cruel.
5. Tiny tombstones
Halloween is the one time of year when tombstones might look good rather than outright foreboding in your apartment. Scatter a few tiny plastic tombstones on counters, tables, and even the top of your fridge to really bring that Halloween spook home on a budget. Have friends bring some tombstones over and decorate each other’s graves for an unusual but fun Halloween activity.

What are your favorite Halloween decorations? Sound off in the comments!

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