fresh air, venting, etc

My garage is well insulated and really tight, it will hold its temp for days when we have a temp swing. (it is also a heated slab).

I had to install a direct drain de-humidifier because things where rusting in there: if we had a temp swing from 60 to 80, the cool interior of the garage and contents would allow condensation from the "new" warmer, moist air.

That all said,, when welding or even using a rattle can of paint,, it is health hazard of fog/smoke in there for hours in less I throw up the garage doors.

AND,, I really need a fresh air supply paint mask AND welding hood.

Not sure how to approach these 3 things, that they will work together?

(De-humidification, venting fumes, fresh air supply)

I would prefer to have the fresh air supply permanently installed with a coiled up hose on a hanger, like a whole house vac?

I do have a used whole house vac I pulled from a house,, could I use that for a "spot" exhaust system, like lay the house near where I am welding?

Anyone have pics of their permanent fresh air setup,, and what they are doing for exhaust, especially when welding ? #GeneralGarageDiscussion