Learn To Make A DIY Cork Christmas Angel

Angels are so iconic at Christmas time and there are so many fun, easy and cheap DIY angel ideas on Youtube. I found the greatest little cork Christmas angel DIY craft on Youtube yesterday, I couldnt wait to use up some old corks I had been saving for projects, I couldnt wait to get the kids around the family craft table and make these cute little Christmas angels. I first started by assembling my materials at the center of the craft table. I just needed some one half inch ribbon, some thin string, scissors, some corks, a Sharpie, some wooden beads for the angels head, and of course a hot glue gun. I started my first angel by gluing my wooden bead to the wine cork, then I created the Christmas angels wings by cutting about six inches of stiff gold ribbon (2 times) and glued it together, pinching for a few minutes to let the glue set. Then Hot gluing the two loops to the back of my Christmas Angel.

Learn this cheap kids DIY how to make a cork Christmas Angel

Then I just drew a simple little face, just a smile and some pretty eyelashes, on my DIY Wine Cork Christmas Angel and made a loop out of some twine by just tying a simple knot. I then just hot glued the knotted twine DIY loop ornament hanger to the back of the Christmas Angel around the neck area. You could actually put it anywhere you like depending on how you want the angel to hang.

Try this DIY Wine Cork Christmas angel with a Wine Cork and A hot glue gun

This is a great project for all ages, I highly recommend it.

Learn To Make A DIY Cork Christmas Angel

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