Panic Buying!

 I heard it on the radio. The man said " What people don't realise is that we start putting together pigs-in-blankets for the trade as early as October. With a shortage of staff at abattoirs farmers are not able to get their pigs booked in, which could force a pork shortage - which could in turn make it difficult for the Christmas supply of pigs-in-blankets".

Pigs-in-blankets are one reason I'm not completely vegetarian and they're my favourite part of Christmas dinner - so being without would be a disaster!

I panicked and  rushed to the Co-op to get the local chipolatas and bacon that I always buy.
Phew ........sorted!
                                                      ( Remember not to take everything I write as the gospel truth!)
And on a completely different subject.........Well Done to the Producers of Silent Witness and the BBC for the after end titles cliff hanger last means a new series next year - That's Very Good News I reckon.
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