Scandinavian design focuses on simplistic, elegant, and eclectic

When decorating your home around this theme, there are several aspects you’ll want to keep in mind to achieve the specific style. These are a few ideas to utilize when decorating your home, to ensure you get the Scandinavian culture down as closely as possible.
Storage as Decor
In Scandinavian culture, items are doubled up as decor. For example, the shelf or hanger you would typically place in the closet, is a work of art in Scandinavian homes. Metallic pieces are great as they blend an old world culture, and you can utilize these items as decorative pieces, as opposed to simply placing items on top of it.
Slats for Ceilings
Wooden slats are a nice addition to the Scandinavian theme and decor you’re setting up in the home. This is a great way to accentuate any room, and it helps increase the size of any room by opening up the space nicely. This goes well with the wooden flooring throughout the home as well. Add in slated walls and you’ll have that feeling of being in a spa-like retreat.
Minimalism: Clutter Free Style
The less clutter there is, and the clearer the space is, the better. In a Scandinavian themed home, you might see a sofa, a coffee table, and a couple of plants in a room. That’s it. No additional accent pieces or bold photo in the corner. Remember, storage items double up as decor as well. Simple, plain, and clean, are some of the themes around this culture and style, so minimal and clutter-free are keys when decorating your home.
Textile: Warm and Cozy
Sheepskin, wools, and mohair throws are in. If you’ve ever seen a Viking’s outfit, you know that burly and warm are must-have items. Mohair throw pillows, a sheepskin rug, or wool throw blankets, help bring the Scandinavian style together.

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Floating Shelves
These are great for the kitchen , living room, or any other room in the home. It opens up a tight space. It also allows you to place your favorite pieces for display out in the open. Floating shelves bring that wooden theme together as well. Open storage is neat, clean, and gives off an elegant classy style in the home.
Outdoor Plant Life Inside
Large plants are what you’ll utilize to brighten up a room with Scandinavian decor. You’re not going to go with bold and bright colorscapes. Instead, bring a large green fern or other large floral arrangement inside to brighten up the color in the space.
Go with Paper for Lighting
Giant paper lanterns are a great option for lighting in the Scandinavian-themed home. They’re square, round, long and rectangular, and come in various thickness and texture levels. They allow light to shine through while providing a whimsical design theme that brings the home together nicely.

Bold Blues are in
Accent color? A favorite in the Scandinavian home and culture is a bright blue. Use blue to help accentuate white walls, flooring, and other white finishes throughout the home. And, mix-match a few blues to help bring additional pop into the space. Getting much of a nautical theme here? Scandinavian culture revolves around the water, wooden boats, trade, and so forth. So yes, you’ll get some of these undertones in your home with this decor style.
Leather’s in… But it Must be Worn
Scandinavian interiors and decor have a focal theme around worn leather pieces. They’re rustic, they’re antique, but they don’t look too antique or dated. Plus, they go well with your blue color theme throughout most rooms of the home.
Cowhide Leather Rugs are big
Cowhide leather rugs, is another material that’s big in this culture. The rug cowhide rug is a great centerpiece in a living room. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it invites people into the room. Plus, with your wooden flooring and darker colorscape, it’s nice to throw in a lighter color for backdrop.

Of course, no two homes are going to end up looking alike. These are a few simple tips to help you on your way to decorating your Scandinavian themed home.

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