Skat Blast Cabinet LED Modification

This past weekend I picked up some cheap LED shop lights from HF. Although my blast cabinet is 48 inches on the outside the inside is a little smaller and the 48" shop lights are shorter than 48" they're still just a little long. Following are several pictures that illustrate the procedures for making a 48" shop light fit in a 48" cabinet.

Starting lights... not bad... I had previously installed an additional flood light on the right side.
Attachment 950778

Here's the business side of the light after the lens has been removed.
Attachment 950783

Here I just snipped the end of the LED strip. Just needed to shorten by 3 LEDs.
Attachment 950781

After cutting down the fixture, I attached magnets in place of the hanger bolts. One on each end. I had to drill a hole in the cut end (the old hole was cut off during the shortening) Note: When installing the magnets, don't put them on top of the transformer the magnetic field will make it hum.
Attachment 950786

The power cord comes out the back and interferes with mounting the light. This is solved by removing the transformer and flipping it around. I had to extend the wires to the LED strip. I also removed the pull chain and control the light with the cabinet switch. Now the power cord comes out the end.
Attachment 950787Attachment 950788

Now I have two 5000 lumen strips. One just above the gloves, the other on the top. This removed most of the shadows.
Attachment 950789

I have room for one more... back to HF... their on sale for Black Friday :)

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