Steal This Look: Uncluttered Bedroom in Tokyo

Fog Linen founder Yumiko Sekine lives in a three-level house in Tokyo designed in a palette of unfinished concrete, stainless steel, and oak. The first and second floors are intended for friends and staff of Fog Linen (many of the Fog Linen photo shoots happen here as well). Opening out to the garden on the first level is a decidedly minimalist bedroom featuring a rollaway bed frame paired with fine linen. Here we detail the key elements of the look for adopting as guest room or main bedroom decor.

yumiko sekine tokyo house 23 Above: “One of the easiest ways to make a space feel uncluttered is to limit the color palette to neutrals,” Yumiko says. Photography by Masao Nishikawa from Considered Minimalism: Fog Linen Founder Yumiko Sekine at Home in Tokyo. yumiko sekine fog linen work 24 Above: Sekine’s book Simplicity at Home, published in 2021, features the guest bedroom. See more in our post Required Reading: “Simplicity at Home,” by Fog Linen Founder Yumiko Sekine.

Furniture & Lighting

modern in designs horizon twin stainless steel bed frame 25 Above: A similar rollaway bed frame is the Horizon Twin Stainless Steel Bed Frame for $165 from Modern in Designs. Another option is the FirsTime & Co. Silver Luxury Ciao Comfort Folding Bed for $191.45 on Amazon. ifuji walnut three leg stool 26 Above: Source a vintage stool like Sekine’s to use as a bedside table. We also like the Japanese-made Ifuji Walnut Three Leg Stool, a lightweight and luxury option, for $900 at MARCH. jielde signal desk lamp si333 27 Above: The Jielde Signal Desk Lamp SI333 in glossy Mouse Grey is $524 at Horne.


fog linen duvet cover natural 28 Above: Fog Linen Pillowcases in Natural linen are $84 each and the Fog Linen Duvet Cover in Natural Linen is $336. serena & lily moorea rug 29 Above: The Serena & Lily Moorea Rug is $768 for the 6-by-9-foot size. fog linen washed waffle blanket natural 30 Above: The Fog Linen Washed Waffle Blanket in Natural is $182 at Fog Linen.


schoolhouse maple peg rail 31 Above: The Maple Peg Rail features 5 pegs; $84 at Schoolhouse. Another option is the 4-Peg Unfinished Maple Shaker Peg Rack for $14.99 at The Container Store. fog linen mango wood shirt hanger 32 Above: The Fog Linen Mango Wood Shirt Hanger is $9. braun classic analogue clock black 33 Above: The Braun Classic Analogue Clock in Black is $21.49 on Amazon. fog linen linen slippers natural 34 Above: The Fog Linen Linen Slippers in Natural are $46.

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