These umbrellas won’t get destroyed in the wind

Hard to believe, but most umbrellas can withstand rain but not the wind. That umbrella that protects you from downpours becomes a useless accessory if it collapses in the breeze. These models are impervious to all that Mother Nature throws your way.
Teflon tough Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
Staff Favorite

The Repel umbrella opens and closes automatically with one hand and with the press of a button. It's magical! A rubberized grip hand ensures you keep a firm hold, and nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs stand up to gale force winds. Add in a Teflon-coated polyester canopy, and you get an umbrella that is immune to wind and rain.

$23 at Amazon
Big and bombproof G4Free Double Canopy Umbrella

The G4Free comes in 23 subdued but eye-catching colors. You can choose how wide you'd like the already oversized canopy to stretch. With a hardened steel frame and double-canopy design that prevents wind from sneaking in, this big guy can stand up to gusts, hail, sun, and downpours like no other.

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Slim and stealthy Magictec Ultraslim Umbrella

The slimmed-down Magictec umbrella is wind resistant up to 55mp. Even at those speeds, winds cannot bend or flip out the canopy, which means you stay dry and protected. The canopy is polyester, and you'll find an auto open and close function on the handle. When not in use, the Magictec packs down small for transport.

$13 at Amazon
Ergonomic handle Rain-Mate Compact Umbrella

Hanging on to your umbrella in breezy conditions is hard work. Rain-Mate's compact model has an ergonomic handle that's easier and more comfortable to hold. Other features include auto open and close, nine fiberglass ribs, and a metal frame for the ultimate in wind resistance.

$21 at Amazon
Inverted so you always stay dry Lanbrella Folding Reverse Umbrella

The inverted folding design from Lanbrella keeps the wet part of your umbrella inside, preventing drips, so you and your floor stay dry. Smart! With eight reinforced ribs, a high-density polyester canopy, a button that lets you open and close this unit on the fly, this compact umbrella repels water and ignores the wind.

$21 at Amazon
A hands-free model Sharpty Reverse Umbrella

The unique C-shaped handle on Sharpty's inverted umbrella slides over your forearm so you can walk hands-free. Genius! You can also use the handle to hang your umbrella from a doorknob or hook. Available in numerous bold colors, the Sharpty is an impenetrable shelter that holds its own in winds up to 60mph.

$24 at Amazon
A spacious dome Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

The clear bubble umbrella from Totes offers 47 inches of dome coverage. The arched design prevents wind and rain from getting under the canopy and tossing you and your umbrella about in adverse weather. With a classic handle that doubles as a hanger, this fashionable model is fun and functional.

$22 at Amazon
Ribbed to keep you grounded Becko Manual Umbrella

With a jaw-dropping 24 fiberglass ribs, the classic-looking umbrella from Becko is incapable of flipping inside out during stormy days. The straight handle is soft foam rubber, giving you a comfortable grip in any weather. A pouch and strap are included for storing the umbrella and slinging it over your shoulder when not in use.

$20 at Amazon
Big and bold EEZ-Y Windproof Golf Umbrella

The EEZ-Y golf umbrella is an oversized double canopy that provides a protective tent, shielding you from strong winds, rain, and hail. Available in nine bold colors, this brolly opens and closes automatically, is big enough to keep two out of the elements, but light enough to tote anywhere.

$29 at Amazon
Full length protection Saiveina Auto Open Umbrella

Saiveina's offering is a full-frame umbrella that opens with the flick of a button and closes manually. The 39-inch canopy is wide enough to shelter two adults while 16 fiberglass ribs repel wind and rain, keeping you out of the eye of the storm. This model is available in 12 colors.

$23 at Amazon
Classy and portable Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella

From its real wood handle to its sleek carrying case, the Balios Prestige is all class. Made in Britain, where they know a thing or two about rain and wind, you'll love the 300T polyester, fiberglass ribs, and vented double canopy. The Balios is a gorgeous piece of work that also withstands harsh weather.

$23 at Amazon
If you want our recommendation
Our absolute favorite windproof umbrella comes from Repel Umbrella. We can't brag enough about the Teflon-coated polyester! It's not just water-resistant like other umbrellas, but 100 percent waterproof. The construction is wind-defying, the handle comfortable, and the price tag reasonable.

If you need to be hands-free, you can't go wrong with the Sharpty Reverse Umbrella. The unique C-shaped handle slides over your forearm so you can take care of business while staying out of the wind and rain.

And if you want a classic model, the Balios Prestige is in a class all its own. With the real wood handle, windproof double canopy, and auto open and close, this is a beautifully made umbrella that works as good as it looks.