Whenever you feel like making a pretty decoration for your walls, we know just how you can do this, and it only takes a few minutes to complete it

Our idea for the day is a beaded wall hanger! It looks pretty, it’s easy to do, and it will definitely make your wall look nicer. 

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The required materials aren’t even that complicated to get, and the whole project is easy to do, so let’s get on with things. 

Materials for Beaded Wall Hanger:

rose gold acrylic paint
colorful beads of different sizes
decor wood leaf

How to Make a Beaded Wall Hanger:

Are you ready to start? Check to see if you have all the materials ready to go on your table as you don’t want to go running around trying to find this or that while you’re in the middle of creating your wall piece. 

So, if you have everything ready, let’s begin! 

Step 1: Paint the leaf

We’re starting off with one of the easiest jobs on the list – painting the wooden decor leaf. So, grab the rose acrylic paint and your decor leaf, as well as your paintbrush, and go ahead and start laying down the color. 

You want to make sure to reach in the little nooks and crannies, too, covering the whole thing with paint. Once done, you can set the leaf on a piece of paper and allow it to dry. Since we used acrylic paint, that shouldn’t take too long. 

Step 2: Thread the beads

Next up, we have to start threading the beads. Take the line (we used fishing line), keep it straight, and start pushing the beads over it. 

Since we’re using multiple colors and shapes for the beads, just alternate them as best you can, however, your creativity drives you to. 

The way you’re going to stop these beads from slipping off the line is by making a knot. However, you’re not going to do a regular knot since that one will simply slip through the hole in the bead. Instead, once you’re done making a string of beads, push the line over the top bead and through the hole of the second bead. For extra security, you can loop the thread over the bead and then tie a knot. 

While you want to cut the thread short on the lower end of the string of beads, you want to allow it a good length on the other end, so you can tie it around the branch. 

Make 5 strings of beads – One that’s colorful and a bit longer than the others, two that are colorful and equal in size, and two that are just a tiny bit shorter, made out of monochrome beads until the very end where you can add three colorful beads. 

The longest string of beads should have longer threads on both ends. 

Step 3: Add the wooden leaf

Your painted wooden leaf should have dried up by now, so you can go ahead and get the longest string of beads. Push the line through the tiny loop at the top of the wooden leaf and tie a double knot to secure the accessory. 

Cut the excess line once the wooden leaf is tied in place. 

Now all your beads are stringed and ready to get added to the decor piece. 

Step 4: Create the hanger

Now it’s time to get the piece of the branch you have and the metal wire. 

Wrap a few loops around one end of the stick, ensuring the wire is secure around the wood. 

Then, extend the metal wire towards the other end, forming a loop in the middle and allowing it enough slack that you can hang the piece on the wall. 

Twist the metal loop a couple of times before moving to the next area. 

Once the loop is complete, you can loop the metal wire around the other end of the stick too. Make sure to wrap the wire tightly. 

When you consider the whole process is done, you can get the scissors and cut the wire. Before you do, make sure there’s enough wire to create a small whimsical half-loop at the end.

Step 5: Add the beads

Now that the wire is in place, it’s time we tied the strings of beads to the stick. 

Make sure you arrange them properly. The two with just a few colorful beads go at the ends, the longer ones on the inside, and the one with the wooden leaf goes in the middle. 

Tie the line around the wooden stick, and then cut the excess with your scissors. 

There you go! That was all you had to do! Super easy and super cute! It will look wonderful when you put it up on your wall!


Yield: 1

DIY Beaded Wall Hanger - Make a Decor Piece in 10 Minutes!


A beautiful beaded wall hanger can take just a few minutes to make, so let's get started.

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost




rose gold acrylic paint


colorful beads of different sizes

decor wood leaf





Paint the wooden leaf with rose acrylic paint.
Create five strings of beads - two with only three colorful beads, three very colorful - one of them longer, so you can add the wooden leaf.
Add the wooden leaf to the longest string of beads.
Wrap the wire around the stick, creating a hanger-look.
Tie the strings of beads to the wooden stick.

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