Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the workbench is your primary tool

Especially when the concern is a tool for home improvement or high-duty work, you can always trust DeWalt.

Another addition to their wide range of equipment is an excellent folding workbench, which is versatile as well as an ideal platform for working.

In this DeWalt folding workbench review, we will discuss a highly efficient and globally used workbench, and that is DeWalt DWST11556.

We all are aware of what a folding bench does, but for your information, it is something that allows us to create a workspace anywhere within a few moments.
Image Name DEWALT Express Folding Workbench Dimensions 33.1 x 23.6 x 23.6 Inches Weight 22.8 Pounds Setup & Folding Time Less Than 3 Seconds Power Source Corded Electric Weight Support 1000 Pounds Rating Price Buy on Amazon Image Name DEWALT Express Folding Workbench Dimensions 33.1 x 23.6 x 23.6 Inches Weight 22.8 Pounds Setup & Folding Time Less Than 3 Seconds Power Source Corded Electric Weight Support 1000 Pounds Rating Price Buy on Amazon
Similarly, the structure of this product is so unique, which can provide you an excellent work surface. Moreover, it will fit in a small corner of your garage, and most importantly, you can carry it anywhere.

If you are not an extensive reader, we suggest taking a glance at the highlighted features listed below.

However, if you want to enhance your understanding and clear your doubts, we have provided a sufficient description of each function. Our review aims to assist both professionals and general hobbyists alike.

Without further ado, let us get started and see what makes this product worth purchasing.
DEWALT Express Folding Workbench

You will find a thorough discussion of all the unique features of this product in the upcoming section. It will allow you to know its mobility, stability, capacity as well as its durability.

Also, you will get the justification of why you should prioritize this one instead of any other workbenches.
It is challenging to question DeWalt’s product, especially when it is about their accomplishment. This model is one of the efficient workbenches till now, which can seize around a thousand pounds comfortably.

The amount of weight it can hold is undoubtedly more than enough to work on it with massive tools.

Besides, it has a clamping option on the tabletop. So, you can use this bench for multipurpose as it will allow you to clamp various types of tools. And also, from now on, you do not require any additional toolbox with you as you have a clamping workbench.
Working benches always require strength because how you are supposed to work if it is not strong enough? This product is one of the sturdiest tables which do not need any additional support to stand firm.

By the time you have acknowledged its capacity, you can even assume its substantiality. Besides, it has a flat work surface, which allows you to work in a proper dimension.

It also has a solid metal body, and structural integrity is exceptional. Therefore, weight does not matter until it is not over a thousand pounds. You can comfortably work with this equipment, and problems will only happen when you put a mammoth-like tool on top of it.
It is impossible to undertake a project on an unstable base. A piece of fickle equipment will be frivolous, and it will not be worth purchasing an unproductive tool.

However, DeWalt’s workbench comes with massive metal legs with a high weight capacity. It is quite stable and will not bother you with its quivering while you work. It allows you to work efficiently with a heavy object without any disturbance.

Furthermore, beyond its advantages, sometimes these legs might get stuck, but it will not take more than 2/4 minutes to reassemble it.

Besides, it has a perfect sized work surface of around 33 inches in width and 24 inches in height. For some, it is an ideal size, but those who work on a colossal tool might consider it a little inefficient.
Portable and Lightweight
Are you having trouble carrying your heavy workbench on job site? If so, then the chances are that you are looking for a portable bench. So, this workbench is appropriate for you because it is compact and lightweight.

You don’t need to worry about using it outdoors. The equipment is robust enough to resist any elemental adversities.

Moreover, you can fold it whenever it is not in use. It does not take much of your workspace as it is foldable and adjustable. You can place it within a little corner of your workshop. Hence, you can consider it a handy table because it is neither heavy nor massive.
Quick Assembly
Assembling this bench is very quick and easy. There is a push-button on the side of the table.

After pushing that button, you only need to pull out the legs and settle in nicely. It will not take more than 1 minute to open the table, and it is the same for folding it.

However, reading the instructions will make it a lot easier, so we recommend you read those steps carefully. Another exciting thing is that you can use its opening handle as a tool hanger. So, you are getting extra space to organize your tools.
You might believe that a workbench that has so many sophisticated features will demand a steep price. It is not unwise to think that quality is indeed expensive.

However, you’d probably be wrong this time around. This workbench is one of the more affordable benches of DeWalt, which provides outstanding assistance by judging all aspects of its customers. Indeed, it is a complete value-pack and worth every buck.

It is a robust and sturdy unit. This workbench is appropriate for extensive work. High weight capacity. It can hold around a thousand pounds, which is indeed incredible. It comes with stable metal legs. It helps the table to stand firm. It is foldable. You can fold the bench whenever you are not using it. Portability is one of its unique features. You can take the equipment along with you everywhere. It will make you comfortable as you can work on the same platform each time. The clamping feature allows you to orderly clamp all of your tools on the top of the table. This bench is lightweight, so it is easy to move.
Legs might get stuck sometimes. It makes folding or opening the bench a little complicated. The size of the product might seem small while working with massive tools. Frequently Asked Questions Are there pads attached to its base?
There are no pads underneath the base, but it does not require any protection as it is lightweight.
Does clamping tools harm the bench?
No. However, it makes it more versatile.
How can I fold the bench?
You need to pull the legs accordingly to fold the table.
Final Thoughts
Workbenches are an ideal platform for those who work on a job site, and you can also use it for your household chores. However, DeWalt workbenches are one of the top-notch products available in the market.

The manufacturers launched this model with many advantageous features such as portability, high capacity as well as sturdy outer structure. This should be obvious to you by now after you have gone through this Dewalt folding workbench review.

Moreover, this product is reasonable compared to its high-quality service. Besides, investing in this table is worth it, because you can’t get a considerable table within this price range. Therefore, purchasing this quality product will not disappoint you in any way.

Our team gives this product our vote of confidence while reviewing it and we recommend you choose this workbench for your next professional or DIY project. We believe there will be no reason for regression if you purchase this product.

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